Leading the Israeli Market 

MEDLIFE  provides and distributes medical devices and equipment, at a leading level in the Israeli healthcare market.

Nurtures full local representation for specialty medical products and high-investment capital equipment. 

Boasts an exclusive and unparalleled network of contacts that extend over the last 20 years.

Promises a solid and unique alliance with all our partners to face thew challenges and opportunities, together, in the Israeli Healthcare market.

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The Medlife Story

Confident and ready, Medlife escorts their partners in the lucrative healthcare market in Israel. 

As a leading group involved in the health industry, traditionally identified as a main supplier of medical devices and equipment , Medlife holds a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of the Israeli healthcare market with high specialization of first-phase marketing innovative developments.


Medlife have matured in true experts  in identifying the potential of leading global healthcare companies, as well as high-tech companies (that provide state-of-the art medical innovation), supporting their promotion in the Israeli medical market and leveraging this success to capture global markets.



The Medlife Vision

1. To provide medical practitioners with the latest developments in medical technologies.

2. To provide our partners and clients with the advantages of the MEDLIFE reputation, know-how
 and network of contacts, built over 20 years of success.

3. To improve the quality of healthcare in Israel by providing the best medical products and    medical devices for treating patients.

4. To improve the service provided to health institutions and doctors through optimal market exposure, backed by a high standard of logistical and operational support.


5. To address new market opportunities by offering innovative products in fields not previously
serviced by Medlife.





Medlife Team



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